Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB)


The Abuja Environmental Protection Board is responsible for the enforcement of all environmental legislations and abatement of all forms of environmental degradation and nuisance. It regulates the impact of physical development on the ecosystem.


AEPB preserves and restores all ecological processes to pre-impact status for the preservation of biodiversity. It ensures protection and improvement of air, water, land, forest, and wildlife in the ecology of the FCT. Municipal liquid and solid waste collections and disposal/sanitation management services including connections of plots to the central sewer line are among the services it renders to FCT residents. Additionally, it offers pollution control and environmental health fumigations and vector control services.

Generally, residents of the FCT are expected to cooperate and participate fully in AEPB’s efforts at carrying out these functions and are specifically to comply with all rules and regulations guiding best practices in environmental management.

Rules and Regulations

Built-up Areas

It is the environmental responsibility of tenement owners, caretakers or occupiers within FCT to:

  • Keep grasses low, cut and trim flowers and hedges and all surrounding areas within and outside the allocated plot of land.
  • Keep tenement areas free from odours, its surrounding free from weeds and poisonous plants.
  • Ensure that drains running through or by the tenement areas are kept free from blockage, dirt and stagnant water.
  • Not cause effluent of liquid waste to be discharged into any drain are any path thereof except at areas so designated by the board.
  • Maintain and control vegetation within eight meters radius in front or behind their premises.

Undeveloped Plots

It is the sole responsibility of an undeveloped plot owner to ensure that:

  • The premises and surrounding of an undeveloped plot be kept clean and tidy.
  • No illegal structures (shacks, kiosks, shed or batchers) are erected within and around eight meter radius of the tenement areas.
  • No part of the tenement areas is utilised or leased out for any purpose other than as approved by the appropriate authority.

Occupiers and Residents

All occupiers and residents are required to:

  • Properly dispose of all kinds of solid waste (garbage) in approved AEPB waste disposal receptacles (dustbins) and ensure that it is kept in good conditions.
  • Not throw any waste material including household waste on any open space e.g old furniture, cartons, firewood and electrical appliances etc. in any place other than in a designated place for throwing or dumping waste.
  • Keep clean and tidy and remove litter, at all times, from residential and commercial premises including eight meters radius of the surrounding areas thereto.
  • Keep trim and low overgrown grasses and hedges within eight meters radius of their places of residence.
  • Clear dirty or stagnant waters, sand, all forms of debris and blockages from any drainages running through or by your house.
  • Not erect or construct any house, shed, kiosk or any other structures outside the authorized plan or design approved by the appropriate Authority.


  1. Do not unnecessarily discharge fumes of any contaminant into the environment.
  2. Do not conduct any act that constitutes noise pollutions, display clothing on the balcony or in front of your premises.
  3. Keep animals or birds for breeding in commercial purposes within and outside your house or within your environment without approval by the board.
  4. Do not conduct farming activities of any kind within residential and commercial areas.
  5. Do not carry out any activity or anything which in the opinion of the board or its agents amounts to the degradation of the environment.
  6. Do not put any waste out after the waste truck has passed by your steer on collection days.
  7. Construction waste should be strictly kept within premises/construction sites. Failure to do so will lead to revocation of development approval by the authority.
  8. No dumping of waste, erecting of structure, farming or encroachment of any sort in river valleys.
  9. Illegal quarrying is strictly prohibited.
  10. Do not indulge in illegal connection to the sewer line.
  11. Residents and Business owners/operators should procure specified waste bins from AEPB immediately.
  12. Pay your waste bills promptly to help AEPB serve you better